1. Account Sign-up:

1.1 – All online customers are required to sign-up (create an account), before placing an order. Your email & phone number will need to be verified upon sign-up.


1.2 – Only persons of 18 years of age and above can sign up.


1.3 – The age that is entered upon sign up has to match your I.D when purchasing age restricted goods.


1.4 – Only information that is essential for your online account to be valid, is stored by ourselves on a secure server.


1.5 – We do not retain any customer payment methods or details.


For information on customer personal & payment data, click here.


2. Orders & Delivery:


2.1 – Every order placed will be issued with a unique reference number. You will receive an email containing the reference number for your order. This number will be used by our delivery driver (upon delivery), as a cross reference to verify your order.


2.2 – Orders can only be placed during our online store opening times: (current online store opening times: Sun – Thu: 6am – 1pm, Fri & Sat: 8am – 2pm).


2.3 – Baneswell Express Online reserve the right to accept or reject any order. Once your order has been placed, it is either accepted or rejected. All customers who have completed & placed an online order will get notification of order acceptance or rejection. If an order is rejected, you will be sent the reason why via email. If the order is accepted, the goods will be processed & prepared for delivery.


2.4 – In the unlikely event that items on your order are unavailable, we may replace them with ‘substitute’ items. You will be notified prior to delivery if this occurs.


2.5 – Item/s that have been ‘substituted’ will be done so with item/s of the same or higher value to the item/s originally ordered. If there are no ‘substitute’ item/s available that are of the same or higher value as the item/s that were originally placed, we will either replace the unavailable item/s with lesser value item/s & issue you with a refund for the difference in price for the item/s, or remove the item/s from your order. We will make you aware of any such changes made to your order prior to delivery.


2.6 – Once your order has been prepared & processed by us, you will get email notification of dispatch.


2.7 – Our delivery driver has the right to cancel any order, for any of the following reasons:
– If the customer is abusive.
– If I.D (proof of age), is not presented.
– If the order reference number is not presented.
– If the customer is overtly intoxicated.


Please note: refunds for delivery & surcharges charges will not be given if delivery of your order is cancelled by our driver because of any of the above reasons.


2.8 – Customers will be required to present our delivery driver with their order reference number & I.D (proof of age for items with an age restriction), before the order can be delivered. Please have these ready for our driver, to avoid any possible delivery rejections.


2.9 – Order rejections: If an order is rejected for any reason, you will be refunded the value of the entire order if the rejection was made before delivery. If your order was rejected by our driver at the point of delivery, only the value of the items will be refunded.


2.10 – If your order gets rejected, a refund will be made in accordance to the above rules.


2.11 – Refunds usually take between 1-2 days (some banks may take up to 10 days to process your refund).


2.12 – Orders are required to be checked by the customer while our delivery driver is still present at the delivery address.


2.13 – Orders can not be rectified once our delivery driver has vacated the delivery address.


2.14 – If items arrive damaged or are missing from your delivery, a refund for the damaged or missing items will be processed as soon as our driver confirms this with the store.


Please note: The quickest way to get refunded for your delivery, is via a store credit coupon. If you would prefer us to refund you with store credit coupon, please make us aware of this before we begin the refund process. Store credit coupons are sent to your email address.


2.15 – Coupons can be used on our Baneswell Express online store only. They are used at the ‘Checkout’, where the value of the coupon will be deducted from your order total.


2.16 – We always endeavour to process & dispatch all order as soon as possible. We aim to make all deliveries within 1 hour of when the order was placed. This time may be longer during busy or ‘rush hour’ periods. Time slots for orders are not currently available.


2.17 – As soon as you receive your email conformation of order dispatch, your order has left our store & is with our delivery driver who will be on rout to your delivery address as soon as possible.


2.18 – All of our delivery drivers ware body cams. This is for the driver & customers own safety & security.


2.19 – In the event of an incident or altercation, body cam footage may be used and presented as evidence in the court of law.


2.20 – We only make deliveries to residential or commercial properties. Schools, parks & streets are excluded from delivery.


Contact Details:
Baneswell Express Ltd.
8 Baneswell Road,
NP20 4BP


Telephone: 01633 662050

Store Mobile: 01234 567 890

Contact form: https://baneswellexpress.co.uk/contact-us

Email address: enquiries@baneswellexpress.co.uk

Delivery times: Sun – Thu: 6am – 1pm, Fri & Sat: 8am – 2pm


Delivery areas: We deliver to a 3 mile radius of our store at NP20 4BP, to the following postcodes: Download List


Please note: We do not deliver to some remote areas that fall within our 3 mile delivery radius & may refuse delivery if you live within one of these areas. Here is a list of the know areas that we do not deliver to: None as yet.


If unsure if we deliver to your area, Click here to use our ‘Postcode Area Checker’ (pop up postcode checker when the button is clicked?), please call us on: 01633 662050.


Please note: If you would like to place an order that is not within a 3 mile radius of our store or isn’t one of the postcode areas that we deliver to, you have the option to collect it from our store. If you would like to place an order & collect it yourself, please call us on: 01633 662050.


Alcohol Orders & Deliveries


For deliveries of alcohol only, the following conditions apply:


  1. The premises will have a return & refund policy for non-deliveries of retail sales of alcohol.

  2. The Premises Licence Holder shall ensure that a ‘Challenge 25’ policy is adhered to.

  3. Records of all customers shall be stored for a minimum period as stipulated in the companies’ data protection policy & shall be forwarded to police or trading standards officers actively investigating allegations of under-age purchases from the business.

  4. Sales of alcohol with delivery will only be permitted through online or telephone sales.

  5. Records of all alcohol sales will be kept for a minimum of  3 months.

  6. Deliveries are only made to either a residential or commercial address’.

  7. Should the person who placed the order not be present at the point of delivery then delivery will only be made to someone who can prove that they are over the age of 18, with approved identification.

  8. A book (or virtual record) shall be retained providing the details of both the individuals & any properties that are prohibited from receiving alcohol deliveries. DPS to examine & countersign the banned list every 4 weeks.

  9. Every delivery driver will be equipped with a refusal book (or virtual equivalent) & record details of refused deliveries to include the address, time, date, individual & reason for refusal. The DPS must countersign this refusals list every 4 weeks.

  10. Baneswell Express (BEX Online) staff conducting deliveries will wear & operate body cams & footage will be kept for 28 days & made available for inspection by the licencing authority or police upon request.

  11. A membership/scheme will be set up allowing individuals the opportunity to register with the premises & provide identification in advance by either coming into the store or sending a copy online.

  12. Alcohol for delivery is not to be paid for by cash. All alcohol orders are to have been paid for, whether online or via telephone before dispatch.

Challenge 25


Challenge 25 is a scheme that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID when they want to buy alcohol.

For more information about Challenge 25, click here.


Useful websites: